Bitronic vision | Monthly Review: What happened in the electronic components industry?

With the continuous emergence of new technologies, chips have become one of the key technological infrastructures. Especially in areas such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and 5G, chips applications are becoming increasingly widespread. Therefore, the chips distribution market is also becoming increasingly important. In the electronic component industry chain, distributors are a necessary link between upstream supply and downstream diversified demand. They share most of the market development and technical support work for upstream electronic component manufacturers, and help downstream electronic product manufacturers reduce procurement costs by providing them with overall solutions and integrated services for electronic component product distribution, technical support, and supply chain services.

  1. A report issued by the South Korean Institute of Development (KDI) in May states that the Korean semiconductor industry is close to the bottom,but it is still hard to expect the semiconductor market to recover this year. Considering the increased demand for computers and smartphones, the semiconductor industry may start to recover in the middle of next year, but the specific situation is difficult to predict due to the greater global economic uncertainty of next year.
  2. India is retrying to attract factory investment from chip companies. New Delhi is reportedly preparing to restart a previous $10 billion industrial incentive plan designed to boost local chip manufacturing capacity, according to people familiar with the matter. India wants to follow the example of the US in increasing its domestic chip production and reducing its dependence on Chinese chips. India’s semiconductor supply chain ambitions have challenged from attracting large international chip makers to set up production bases.
  3. CITIC Construction Investment Research Report believes that the current semiconductor industry should continue to grasp the investment opportunities of AI hardware, focusing on the localization process and the rhythm of cycle reversal.
    • Hardware investment opportunities under the wave of AI: Artificial intelligence opens the era of computing power, hardware infrastructure becomes the cornerstone of development, the core of computing power chip and other links benefits, and advanced packaging and advanced process manufacturing build a solid hardware base.
    • Continuous promotion of localization: With “safety and autonomy” as the main line of long-term development, the localization of semiconductor equipment, parts and materials continues to advance.
    • Continue to pay attention to the rhythm of cycle reversal: the current semiconductor cycle is gradually bottoming out, each link will complete the inventory, with the recovery of demand, the electronics industry is expected to bottom out rebound.
  4. Leon Micro said on the interactive platform that the company’s 12-inch silicon wafer products have passed the certification of a number of chip manufacturers, and currently the production capacity is rising
  5. MediaTek officially announced on its social media platform that it will launch its new flagship chipset—— Dimensity 9200 Plus on May 10.
  6. China smart manufacturing system service provider SEMI tech announced that it had completed a round of financing of 50 million yuan
  7. South Korea and Japan have resumed “shuttle diplomacy”, and the two sides have agreed to deepen cooperation on chips and national security.
  8. Germany’s Bosch Group (BOSCH) has agreed to acquire key assets of TSI Semiconductor (TSI Semiconductors), a Roseville-based chipmaker, and announced an additional $1.5 billion to expand its silicon carbide chip capacity for electric vehicles in the United States, Reuters reported.
  9. Germany is considering restricting exports of raw materials for chemicals to make chips
  10. The Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that the 36th review meeting of the 2023 Listing Review Committee will be held on May 17 to review matters related to the A-share listing of Huahong Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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